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© 2018, 2019 by Children's Drop & Shop


Fall / Winter 2019





Danvers Indoor Sports
150 Andover St
Danvers, MA
October 9-13, 2019
Consignors DROP:  October 9-10
Shoppers SHOP:  October 11-13

   What is the Drop & Shop?  


The initial part of the Drop & Shop experience is gathering your kids' stuff that they've outgrown or not using anymore.  That snappy jacket that is now just too small to wear.  That bouncey seat that is no longer needed.  The list grows fast.  Let the purging begin...


 Of course that bouncey seat has a lot more bounces left in it.  And that snappy jacket would look just as snappy on a smaller child.  What better way to give your items new life (and make some money while you're at it) than to offer them to a huge number of local families that need exactly what you have.... 


Thousands of new and gently used items change hands at each Drop & Shop event, allowing for a rebirth of utility that typically brings smiles all around. The joy of getting something new never leaves us.  And getting it at an amazing low price -- well, that doesn't hurt either.





Tracey, Mom of three

Dear Drop and Shop, Thank you for providing such an awesome service to the families of Boston and beyond. We can't thank you enough for all that you do.  We love your events!

Holly, Mom of two

I have been a consignor for 3 years now.  I so enjoy these events!  They have provided clothing for our two kids every year. The Drop & Shop is just awesome.

Brandi, Mom of one

You might find this funny - my husband and I have a portion of our basement dedicated to you and your events.  It's the Drop & Shop corner! Keep up the great work, the events are fabulous.


    Example Items - Fall/Winter  


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