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Creating Your Inventory

8 Steps to Consign Using Our Automated Inventory System

Step 1:  If you are a first time Consignor, create your account by going to our Consignor Login page.  Click New Account and fill out the information to get a consignor number and password emailed to you.  If you have consigned before, you can use your same Consignor Number and password.

Step 2:  Log in.

Step 3:  Click the link Register for Upcoming Sale. Check the box and hit submit.  You're now registered for the Sale and can now input your inventory!

Step 4:
a.  Click the back button to get to your Consignor home page.  Click: work with consigned inventory.

b.  Once you are on the Consignor Item Entry page, hit Work with My Consigned Items (see underneath where it says Add Items, Edit Items – hit the link right above these words).

c.  Go ahead, you’re ready to add your items. One item at a time, add the item info, pricing, sizes and details of one item. (Here you have 2 options: see the check boxes? Check to Discount or check to Donate. Discount means you want your items to go on sale during the last day (50% off) and Donate means you want to donate your items if they DO NOT SELL. We donate to charities from all over the North Shore – go ahead, donate the items. If you don’t, you have to come back and pick up the items.)

d.  When you are done with your first item, click Submit Item. And then add another item. Keep going – some consignors add 1500 items.  Don’t worry – it’s easy once you get the hang of it. Take a break, stretch your legs and smile – it’s worth it.

e.  When you are done, hit I’m Finished for now.

Step 5:  Go to your Consignor Item Entry page and hit Print All Tags.  Your tags will print, 6 to a page.  Make sure each group of 6 tags all fit on individual pages; i.e. they don't get truncated.  If they do, try saving as a PDF and then resizing. There should be a natural page break after each group of 6 tags.

Step 6:  Cut your tags down to size, make sure the barcode is completely visible on the tag.

Step 7:  Adhere the tag to your item. Repeat. For clothing, put the tag on the RIGHT SHOULDER as you face the garment.  The hanger hook should point to the left (again, as you face the garment).  Pants, tag on the waist, to the right (again, as you face the garment). The hanger hook should again point to the left. Shoes, tag inside the shoe. Items and goods, tape tag to bottom, inside or make sure it’s stuck on the item with a good grip. For all your items, it's best if you can separate the girls and boys, and sort by size.

Step 8:  Bring your items to the event during the DROP – check the schedule for the times. Expect to have the items screened, expect to have some items refused, expect to sign our consignor agreement and expect that we will ask you to help spread the word about our event. The more people that come and shop, the better the chance your items will sell. We are all in this together and spreading the word to your play group, book group, school, friends, family, etc., helps the event attract more buyers. We like that. You should like that. Thank you for doing your part.

That's it.  You're done!


We are here to help.  Please email, text or call with questions. You can also post a question on our Facebook page.  What might take you 15 minutes to decide, we can answer in 10 seconds. We're standing by.

978 704 1810

Tell Your Friends

Download our event flyers and post them at your school, church, gym or local coffee shop.  You can also connect with us on Facebook and Instagram and join our growing community of savvy moms.

All done!  A completed consignor's inventory, ready to be taken to the DROP.
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