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Drop & Shop DANVERS

Fall/Winter 2018


Danvers Indoor Sports

150 Andover St.


DROP:  October 10 & 11, 2018

     SHOP:  October 12,13 & 14, 2018

Latest News & Important Info

All Registered Consignors Shop Early.  NEW FOR THIS EVENT.  All Consignors who have registered and have at least 10 items in their active inventory can gain entry to the SHOP AND the 50% SHOP one hour earlier than the general opening to the public.  When you drop off your items during the DROP, you will receive a pass to get in early.  More...
Inventory Transfer Will Be Available Tuesday, 10/2.  Consignors who have inventoried their items on their Southern New Hampshire account but would like to make them available for sale at our North Shore event can utilize the TRANSFER INVENTORY feature.  More...
Refer a New Consignor and Earn $$.  For every referral, earn either $10 in CDS gift certificates OR have $6 added to your consignor check! AND, for every FIVE (5) referrals, earn an extra kicker -- $10 in CDS gift certificates OR have $6 added to your consignor check! No limit to either reward!  The more consignors we have, the more great stuff - and the more word spreads which means more shoppers! It's a big win all around!  More...
Refer a New Consignor and You Both Earn Entry to the Pre-Sale!  NEW FOR THIS EVENT ONLY.  In addition to the above bonus, now your referral can earn you and a friend entry to the Pre-Sale on Thursday night.  More...

   What is the Drop & Shop?  


Kids outgrow their stuff.  Let the purging begin...


 Lots of local families need exactly what you have... 


The joy of getting something new/different never leaves us...



Example Items - Fall/Winter

What People Say...

Tracey, Mom of three

Dear Drop and Shop, Thank you for providing such an awesome service to the families of Boston and beyond. We can't thank you enough for all that you do.  We love your events!

Holly, Mom of two

I have been a consignor for 3 years now.  I so enjoy these events!  They have provided clothing for our two kids every year. The Drop & Shop is just awesome.

Brandi, Mom of one

You might find this funny - my husband and I have a portion of our basement dedicated to you and your events.  It's the Drop & Shop corner! Keep up the great work, the events are fabulous.


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