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   What is the Drop & Shop?  

The Children’s Drop & Shop is a 5 day children’s clothing consignment sales event for gently-used, name brand children’s clothing and gear.  Regional events are held twice a year:  once in the Spring for Spring/Summer items, and once in the Fall for Fall/Winter items. 
The first part of each event (the DROP) is for Consignors to drop off their items to be consigned. The second part (the SHOP) is for Shopping.  Items accepted for consignment include newborn through teen children’s clothes (appropriate season only) - shirts, pants, tops, dresses, shorts, sweaters, jackets, coats, etc.  Plus shoes, hats, toys, games, strollers, bikes, books, baby equipment, furniture, sports equipment, maternity wear, and more.  At Fall/Winter events we sell a lot of boots, mittens, gloves, hats, scarves, fleece and cozy pajamas. All items must be clean and in excellent condition. Everything is priced to sell.  Location and dates of events vary.

Lots and lots of great clothes and gear at a recent Spring/Summer Drop & Shop event at Pingree School in South Hamilton, MA.

How Does It Work?



The initial part of the Drop & Shop experience is gathering your kids' stuff that they've outgrown or not using anymore.  That snappy jacket that is now just too small to wear.  That bouncey seat that is no longer needed.  The list grows fast.  Let the purging begin...



Of course that bouncey seat has a lot more bounces left in it.  And that snappy jacket would look just as snappy on a smaller child.  What better way to give your items new life (and make some money while you're at it) than to offer them to a huge number of local families that need exactly what you have....



Thousands of new and gently used items change hands at each Drop & Shop event, allowing for a rebirth of utility that typically brings smiles all around. The joy of getting something new never leaves us.  And getting it at an amazing low price -- well, that doesn't hurt either.

Note:  You don't have to be a Consignor to shop at the Drop & Shop.  We welcome all shoppers who want to outfit their kids or their grandkids for the upcoming season, with proven quality items at generally spectacular prices. We have it all:  the clothes, shoes,  baby and toddler stuff, seasonal gear, sports and recreational equipment, furniture, toys, books, maternity wear and more.  Come join us! 
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