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Selling/Posting Tips

CD&S Online Marketplace 

Be reasonable with yourself, sell on your best items. Look at your pile and sell all your A’s … donate anything B- or below. Also, have a talk with yourself - would you be excited to buy this item? If yes, post away. 


Be known for awesome items at a good deal. Don’t price your items too high and make sure every zipper works well and every button is in place. 


Launder and iron your items. 


Describe your items well .. consider the difference between “green shorts” versus “cute lime green shorts with pockets on back. Adjustable waistband, size 4T with button fly”


Take bright, easy to see photos - try to avoid using your flash. Use natural sunlight to get good photos and get the entire item in one frame. If you have a child model in your house, use them - just make sure to keep their face and any identification markings out of the photo.  


Consider selling sets - shirt & top, skirt & top, bundle PJ’s of the same size or add a hat to an outfit. 


Price to sell. 


Orient your posting photos in the portrait position, not horizontal. 

Your item title should be brand name, item and size (I.E. Gap Shorts, Size 12). This helps with searching.

Add your Porch Pickup, Meet up details in your profile description. Not your address, but the details of where you will leave items for buyers.

When the sale starts, sellers will have to OK purchases - get ready for emails. You will have a lot of email activity, so fun!

We are reviewing products on the website, please remove any non-kid related items.  Also, make sure your items have not been recalled. Thank you. Go to your listings, click on your list of items and see delete option if necessary.

When reviewing your listings, does it say "UNITS"? If so, edit the listing (just by opening the listing and re-saving it acts as an edit) and re-save it. That will remove the UNITS specification.


CONSIDER: Spacing out your porch pick up dates, maybe people come on a Tuesday & Thursday (not all at once).

PayPal has an awesome BUYER / SELLER policy. See it here:


UPDATE: Sellers, you can continue to post items for sale until May 31st. The online marketplace will be up and live until then. 

Update your email settings in your marketplace profile - go to your profile setting and update the email alerts. Do you want to know when new items are posted? Do you want daily emails from the marketplace - you can set your email alerts to what suits you. 

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