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Online Marketplace Schedule *

We've Made Some Changes...

Pre-Sale opens (for Sellers only)                 Thursday, April 23rd @ 7 PM 

Shopping opens to public                              Friday, April 24th @ 10 AM

       |      (24/7 shopping)

       |      (24/7 shopping)

Shopping closes                                             Sunday, May 31st @ 5 PM

NEW --- Registered Sellers can post items for sale at any time up until May 31, 2020.  This means new items will appear all during the Shopping time.  Existing registered Sellers can add more items, and new Sellers can register and post.

NEW -- Shopping time has been extended!  Shopping is open (24/7) between April 24 and May 31.

NEW -- 50% Sale?  TBD.  During the month of May, we may offer a SALE day or weekend when Sellers can discount all or some of their items up to 50%.  Stay tuned!

* Dates and times subject to change
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