Latest News & Important Info

CASH ONLY & EXPRESS LINES.  During the SHOP, we will have dedicated checkouts for Cash Only and for 10 Items or Less.  In the past, these lines have moved faster.
Use Back Entrance.  Entrance to the DROP is around the back of the building at Danvers Indoor Sports, through the large overhead door opening.  We will put up CDS signs to help direct you.
All Registered Consignors Shop Early.  All Consignors who have registered and have at least 10 items in their active inventory can gain entry to the SHOP AND the 50% SHOP one hour earlier than the general opening to the public.  On the schedule, it is the Pre-Shop times.  When you drop off your items during the DROP, you will receive a pass to get in early.
Refer a New Consignor and Earn $$.  For every referral, earn either $10 in CDS gift certificates OR have $6 added to your consignor check! AND, for every FIVE (5) referrals, earn an extra kicker -- $10 in CDS gift certificates OR have $6 added to your consignor check! No limit to either reward!  The more consignors we have, the more great stuff - and the more word spreads which means more shoppers! It's a big win all around!
Notes:  A qualified referral is a NEW consignor who sells at least $100 from their inventory during the sale. When they register, Referrals should enter “Other” as to how they heard about us, and then enter your name. [If they have already registered but didn't include your name, email us and we will connect you as the "referr-er" to the new consignor.]  
As sale results won't be tallied until after event close, the gift certificates will be issued after the event and can be used at future events. If you opt to have the $$, we will add it to your consignor check. Referrals only apply to NEW consignors who have never previously consigned with CDS.
Refer a New Consignor and You Both Earn Entry to the Pre-Sale!  In addition to the above bonus, now your referral can also earn you and a friend entry to the Pre-Sale on Thursday night. As long as you meet the requirements above, we will include your names at the door for entry.