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How It Works

CD&S Online Marketplace 


1.  Register for the CD&S Pingree Event by logging in (or signing up) to our traditional online system.  Note your Consignor # as you will need it when you create your Online Marketplace account.

2.  Create your Online Marketplace account

      - Enter your information.

      - You will need a PayPal account or a checking account.
      - Select which Delivery Methods you would like to offer to Buyers (Porch Pickup,
         Meet Up and/or USPS)


3.  You will receive an email to verify your account.  Go ahead and verify it.

4.  Pay your Seller Fee.  

5.  Once your Seller Fee is processed, your Online Marketplace account will be enabled (hopefully within 1-2 hours).  This will give you the ability to post your items.  A +POST YOUR ITEMS button will appear on the upper right of your account home page.

6.  Post your items.

      - Select appropriate category (ex. Girls Clothing, Boys Clothing, Hats, Shoes, etc.)

      - Select appropriate sub-category (ex. 3T, Medium, 12-18 months, etc.)

      - Select listing type (are you selling or giving away?)

      - Input your Listing Title (include Brand, What it is, Size.  This helps with Search)

      - Input your Price

      - Select your Delivery Method

      - Input your Detailed Description (add any NECESSARY additional comments about

          the item here.  i.e. actual measurements or dimensions of the item, unique
          characteristics, etc.)

      - Input Size

      - Input Brand

      - Input Gender

      - Add 1-3 photos of item

      - Click Post Listing

7.  After the Sale, deliver your Sold items to your respective buyers.

      - Coordinate Porch Pickups and Meet Ups

      - Mail items using pre-paid labels from PayPal



1.  Create your Online Marketplace account

      - If you are a Seller, you should already have your account set up.

      - In the Consignor # field, input BUYER

2.  Shop the Online Marketplace.

      - You will need a credit/debit card or a PayPal account.

3.  After the Sale, 

      - Coordinate Porch Pickups and Meet Ups with your respective Sellers

      - Receive your items via US Mail 

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