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   Drop & Go  

With our DROP & GO service, you can drop your items off at the event without tags.
Bring your bins, boxes, and/or bags. CDS-approved Taggers will be on hand and will prepare your items for you.  You will receive 40% of your items' revenue (versus 60% if you tag your own items and bring them ready to go on the floor).  Your consignor fee is the same, $10.  We ask that you bring hangers for your clothes.  Otherwise, we must charge $0.20 per hanger for each clothing item received without a hanger.  There is a limit of 100 items per consignor using Drop & Go.

Bring your untagged items to the event WEDNESDAY (only) of the DROP.  Go to the DROP & GO area.  A CDS-approved Tagger will  do a quick screen to make sure your items are appropriate for our seasonal event.  Fill out and sign our agreement.  And go.  It's that simple.
We will screen your items, hang them, price and tag them.  We will price them fairly, but aggressively to sell.
We will create an account for you and email you the account information.  You will be able to login, view your inventory and see what has been sold.
At the end of the event, you can come back to retrieve the items that did not sell and were designated "DO NOT DONATE."  (At the outset, you have the option to designate all or some of your items for Pickup if they do not sell.)
Then, after the close of the event, we will send you a check for 40% of your items' revenue minus the consignor fees.  You will also have access to a Donation Report for those items that did not sell and were designated for donation.  
Questions?  Call or text, 978-704-1810.
Note: When we screen your untagged items, there is a possibility that not all items will be accepted to go on the floor.  If these items were designated "DO NOT DONATE", you can come during the Pickup time at the end of the event and retrieve them. 
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