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Buying Tips

CD&S Online Marketplace 

Consider if the item has shrunk during its lifetime. If your child is just about to leave 4T and wear new with tags 5T, consider buying 5T and maybe even 6T. 


Look for good labels - consider using the items for a while and then reconsigning them. Check out the better brands:  Tea, Patagonia, Levi's, Ralph Lauren and other top of the line brands. The clothes last longer and will serve you again when you go to consign them. 


Before you shop, create a sample buying list or a wardrobe recommendation. See sample here:


Sample Spring / Summer Wardrobe List for 1 child 

  • 4-5 bottoms (3 shorts)

  • 5-7 tops 

  • 1-2 sweaters or hoodies

  • 1-2 dresses or dress-up clothing

  • 1 jacket

  • 1 rain coat

  • 2-3 pajamas

  • 3-4 pairs of shoes (1 sneakers, 1 rain boots)

  • 6 pairs of socks

  • 10 pairs of underwear

  • 2 bathing suits

  • Bathing suit cover-up

  • Summer hat


Don’t forget all aspects of summer - beach, sports, PJ’s, sandals, bathing suits, bikes, outdoor games. 


Create a budget.


Consider buying multiple items from one seller to save on shipping.  Or do a porch pick up - you will save on shipping costs.


We suggest you alert your bank (credit card or debit card) to the online activity you will be doing here - according to Santander, PayPal is the most trusted online transaction company and but just in case, letting your bank know about the upcoming transactions will keep you from being blocked while you shop.

The easiest way to buy (and a way to budget $) is to load your PayPal account. Add $250 to the balance and your purchase will come from that balance versus pulling from a CC or a checking account. 

REMINDER:  Transactions are not complete until the Seller OKs the sale.  Once this happens, the sold item is removed from the system and is no longer available.  So, when shopping, you might experience clicking on an item you would like to buy, but that item is already in the process of being "sold" with the Seller.  In this case, your transaction will not go through.


REMINDER: There are no returns and no shopping carts, every purchase is unique. Shipping fees can be combined. Buying from one buyer can result in one pickup - if that is what you would like to do. 

REMINDER: All sales are final. 

PayPal has an awesome BUYER / SELLER policy. See it here:

Buyers are welcome to shop until May 31st.  

Do you want to know when new items are posted?  You can set your email alerts to what suits you. Update your email settings in your marketplace profile - go to your profile setting and update the email alerts.

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